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The Smart Kitchen getting smarter?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I keep watching for the next, great smart kitchen appliance, building on the "Smart Kitchen to the Rescue?" podcast. Eater, a news, reviews, and opinion site that covers the world of eating out, sent a dispatch from the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in January. This review of smart kitchen gadgets is less than flattering; and amusing. The smart fridge, has some useful features, writes Tim Forster, but the smart frying pan that reports on your food's nutritional content is not really that useful, and forget about the smart garbage can that seals the bag when it's full. Not necessary.

Eater celebrates the art of making food over the physics and chemistry that underpin cooking. They set the bar higher for these tech-driven products. As did the culinary-driven folks I spoke to who commented on some of the ideas at the 2019 Smart Kitchen Summit. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of technophobia to technophilia, you come to see that the consumer, in the end, wants us to solve real problems they have with planning, shopping, and preparing meals.

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